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Are your programs right for me?

I help women & couples who want to:

  • Optimize their finances using a simple and efficient path to wealth

  • Balance spending and saving to align with their personal goals

  • Feel confident talking about money

  • Gain empowerment to reach their highest potential

  • Benefit from an accountabili-buddy who's been through it all (That's me!)

  • Implement new mindsets and make big moves for their future

  • Find a community of like-minded ladies looking to do the same

If this sounds like you, then yes! Let's connect.

Do I need prior financial knowledge before starting?

Nope! My programs explain everything you need to know right from the start. No shame if you're just beginning! We're all on our own journey, & getting started is the only way to move forward.

Which program is right for me?

I offer various forms of coaching and accountability through online courses, mentorship, and community. Please see the "Coaching" tab for more info on my programs, or reach out to me directly. I'm here to help!

Do you guarantee results?

While my programs have been tested and proven to help individuals and couples achieve their financial goals, students will only get out what they put in! I promise to give it my all to help you achieve your goals, but ultimately it is up to you to implement the lessons you learn. If you are not seeing the results you hoped for and we're unable to turn it around, you are free to cancel future services at any time.